MarkTend offers services that are completely focused on decreasing redundant labor costs and increasing value to your clients.


Domain Name

USPTO Filing

Search Engine

White Labeling

Reduce Costs and Boost Your Bottom-Line with MarkTend

Docketing - No More Remembering Dates of Every Trademark

Use MarkTend's simple, flexible, and integrated web software to docket your trademark portfolio and be automatically alerted every day without fail.

Watch Domain Names, Nail Cyber Squatters, and Increase UDRP

We automatically search domain names to make sure that others do not trade on the goodwill associated with the mark. Be alerted when a domain that is similar to the one you are monitoring is registered, choose when you want to file UDRP.

Monitor Similar USPTO Filings and Publications Automatically

MarkTend retrieves new filings and publications that are similar to the mark you are monitoring. This means you are informed about potential confusingly similar marks, no more trying to fit the time in to conduct searches, we inform you.

...And all MarkTend Services are White Labeled

Because we white label our material our service is hidden from the client and your firm shines.

MarkTend is the Very Best in Trademark Portfolio Management

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